In 1975 she joined MGM as an executive story editor. RT: I looked for her name before I even looked for ours. My wife is my reader and shes terrible. Our job is to connect with people to bring out the best performance. Sherry Lansing. Disclaimer: Daily Actor at times uses affiliate links to sites like, streaming services, and others. Casting Director Casting Department Producer IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Sharon Bialy is known for Rudy (1993), The Handmaid's Tale (2017) and Barry (2018). Type above and press Enter to search. But I dont think that it is ever more important than having the right person. Of course, the greatest discovery of this musical comedy is its lead, Jane Levy, best known to viewers for her comedic skills on the ABC series Suburgatory. Why Netflix is dabbling in livestreaming. Im in LA. Facebook Icon. They met and he loved him, and that was that., There is no shortage of star wattage in the dark origin story of the legendary defense lawyer, but there is an art to combining such talent. You dont have to try to crack jokes and just be yourself. Then he went to dinner with Regina and came back and said, Why didnt I just I feel so ashamed. Because here, on a plate, is this great actress. . But Luca is very connected to the human side of actors, so I think he connected with her., Chlo [as Frasers other mother] is someone I have loved from the beginning. When we started out, I was her associate for about two years, and then we became partners. Production was able to move around a lot of stuff, he says. Weve been able to give multiple women over a certain age really complex material. In 1974, Sherry joined Talent Associates, as an executive in charge of development. Were lucky., I was a giant fan of Janes for many, many years, from Suburgatory, Robert J. Ulrich says of the lead actress whose Zoey can see and hear what others are feeling via fantasy musical numbers. He is so wonderful. And before we wrap, can you share your secret for managing work/life balance? So, there you have it. Three if theres one in there that you just want to give it a shot. Sherry Thomas: Ive been a longtime fan of Casey. I mean, its just, its incredible. Im fully vaxed. Boom. It's a game A Tale of Two Cities One City: The BAFTA voters chose to give just one award to Everything, Everywhere All 2023 Golden Reel Award Sound Editorial Winners Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing Feature Dialogue / ADR The Banshees of 2023 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. The testing was very rigorous and I think production did such an amazing job with what they had to accomplish in the way that they had to accomplish it. Russell Scott, Casting Director. Sherry Thomas is represented by the brilliant Kristin Nelson of . Sharon Bialy: Sometimes well know somebody really well and have them read and literally in two lines, Im like, thats it, shes the one. That openheartedness that Gidget needed to have, Skyler innately has., J. He felt just perfect for Bruce. I really hope the industry is changing to be better in that area, especially for women who want to work and also be moms. Sherry was born in Chicago and pursued an acting career after graduating from Northwestern University. We checked in on her, and the challenging part was convincing producers to take a chance on an actor that youre very familiar with but they might not be. Sharon Bialy: I mean, I watch the whole thing. We can explain things like tone. I think Mindy had said she ran into him at a Vanity Fair party and said something to him. Bruce and Lizzie were thrilled with him. I knew that Mary could sing. I personally just do my best to be as organized as possible and stay present in the moment, taking it one day at a time. . I dont want to make it sound so righteous, but I think it was just a good, interesting, and different way to go. If you have one weak link, it becomes obvious. According to Ashley Ingram, who also served as casting director on the show, an added challenge of populating the struggling Mississippi Delta strip joint was the desire for authenticity over recognizability. Alyssa Morris is our associate on this project and it was really, honestly the first time were working on a project where all of us are not together. If someone made a series about your life story, which actor would you cast to play the role of Sherry Thomas? And, Id imagine, completely challenging. Sharon Bialy: I think thats the exciting thing about casting, and Ill speak for my partner. No, but it made me feel like just more confident. Weve read her over the years and have been a fan of hers, says Daniel of the role Moorjani eventually landed, as the cousin who initially inspires envy in Devi. We were finding choices and some incredible singers, but it just clicked when it became Alex. And as a casting director, it feeds my soul to get to go through the whole collaborative process of finding that person who just pops in a role. With Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd attached to it, if I went in for an audition, Id automatically think, this was like a more comedic sort of thing. Listen, come to my office and Ill do your hair youll be fine. Although the self Read More, Your email address will not be published. This interview has been edited and condensed. Elarica leads more with vulnerability, and Brandee leads more with strength. Because they're not "pro-life". The process when we started of course is making lists. John Lithgow, for E.B. The second it became Alex, I ran with it, pushed it, said its a way to really enlighten the world. And then there were some people that we redirected and from the day players up to our more significant roles that were prominent in the piece. However, theres a great deal of team Read More, Two in five Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 experience a mental disorder at some time in Read More, From college basketball tournaments to St. Pattys Day, the new month is synonymous with more than a few events. Read More, I believe there is some anxiety in the air over the expectations for commercial self tapes. Toothpicks and blue jeans. ST: Not for us particularly. Big titles like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Handmaids Tale may first come to mind. And say, Lets try them for this.. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Barry and many, many more, they are one of the top casting offices out there. I get on the phone with agents, and the casting process goes on from there. Thomas says, Damon tried to give me a hint: He should be a little unusual. My associate, Elizabeth, who knows the comics very well, she guessed it.. Were just gonna shove everybody out of the way! We got so many emails from agents asking, Where did you find these actors? Everybody was blown away, says Greenstein. The Hollywood Reporter is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Watch our video interviews with top awards contenders: directors, producers, below-the-line artisans and , Watch our lively predictions slugfests with Experts and Editors. THE PHIL SPECTOR BIOPIC (HBO Movie): David Mamet, Writer-Director Barry Levinson, Michael Hausman, Exec Producers Starring: Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, Chiwetel Eji of or (HBO) WIDOW DETECTIVE (pilot): Carol Mendelsohn, David Hubbard, Julie Weitz, Davis Guggenheim, Exec Producers Id read about her ability, Ulrich says of the Oscar winner, a prolific singer-songwriter. She gave so much more than was even on the page [in the role of Mercedes mom], Ingram says. As continuing shows, all three series have established universes and tones, says Thomas. They tell the story of when they had to call Margolis in New York and ask him to put himself on tape, despite the fact that his character had no lines. That is such a skill, and one I wish I had. So, I love self-tapes. He was a huge part of why we got her it was a lot of working out schedules; we dont just get to read in a room with actors all the time. Did Scott have to break some legs to get it done? So, theres time to do a little bit of research and we tried to educate people as much as possible that this was based on the podcast based on a true story. I think we will all be more mindful of that process, but I also dont want to be in a room with an actor with a giant piece of plexiglass between us. I forgot to mention Casey Wilson. Sign up for THR news straight to your inbox every day. Instagram Icon There would be years where people would be like, Where did you get all these drug addicts? . With larger roles, you have time to build an arc, but with something so small, the challenge is how to make it memorable. sherrythomaslane Follow 284 posts 5,086 followers 587 following Sherry Thomas Lane Casting Director / Owner @ Bialy Thomas & Associates Blue collar Northampton, MA native who is Livin' the dream. Once the lead was in place, the other puzzle pieces of this ethnically and neuro-diverse cast started to land. And my sister has had her own salon for about 35 years now its called the Hairspace Salon in Easthampton, Massachusetts. It was the biggest casting search weve ever done in our career, says Daniel. Sharon Bialy: Right. Michael Ordoa covers film and television for the Los Angeles Times. Every time we had a conversation or auditioned actresses that werent a perfect fit, Russell would get on the phone and see if her availability changed. Oscars 2023: Just How Many Oscars Will Everything, Everywhere All at Once Win? I started exploring acting once I got to LA and met a casting director named Victoria Burrows, who kind of took me under her wing. She was channeling her own mother, is what she told us. Sharon Bialy: What a nice way to start the day. Your email address will not be published. Actors often think casting directors hardly even pay attention during their auditions. And when they feel that support, they just blossom right in front of the camera. He put himself on tape, and Tim really responded to his audition [for the beat-cop role].. It was fun to be able to draw on somebody that I had thought was so talented for so long.. Quickly send your headshot and resume to hundreds of casting directors, agents, and managers. The bar has been set and we set it for ourselves as creative people with high standards. Luckily he did. DEAD TO ME - Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott, Sharon Bialy, Alyssa Morris (Associate) But who to play the enigmatic Dr. Manhattan? And I have now grown to see what a great dramatic actor he is, in the role of Zoeys brother, says Ulrich. Yahya took a leap of faith. Follow Gold Derby onFacebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr,iTunesandYouTube, Gold Derby is a part of Penske Media Corporation. We wanted to see her because we were such huge fans from all the things that shes done, especially The Night Of. Alphonse is truly an incredibly skilled actor, Ingram says. Oh my God, this is completely the wrong actor that was in my head., And everybody was so nice and so lovely because hes a wonderful actor. You do a drama and they say you can only do drama. Required fields are marked *. We all miss it. He was a great audition, for sure, but he also really interested Luca as a person. What are some self-tape tips that you have? Oftentimes you have to stay on your leading guy because other actors cant hold [their own]., The challenge is getting that first person of well-known stature to say yes, then you build from there, says Thomas. We always want to be readily available to talk as they prepare their tapes so that there is that sense that weve been in the room with them. Im pretty sure Im the loudest, so I think whoevers the loudest wins, joked Thomas. Name one of your favorite television shows and it's a sure bet that Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas were the casting directors for at least one of them. I grew up thinking that acting was going to be my path in life, so when I was 22, I packed up my car and drove cross-country to LA with just 150 bucks in my pocket. When people used to ask us, I used to say, Oh, our reward is working with Vince Gilligan every day, which we continue to do and thats still true, Bialy told Gold Derby during our recent webchat (watch below). These are edited excerpts from that conversation. There was something she found the strength in that character, the fearlessness in her eyes., We werent identifying what roles would be people of color, adds her colleague Sherry Thomas. As for the ladies favorite guest stars over the years, they bring special attention to Charles Baker (Skinny Pete), Matt Jones (Badger) and Daniel and Luis Moncada (the Cousins), but they admit that Emmy nominee Mark Margolis may be their favorite casting scoop for the show. How do you like the way casting is right now? In the meantime, make your predictions for Best Drama Series below the interview using our easy drag-and-drop menu. But honestly, I had no idea how well Jane could sing., I knew she could sing because she had been on Broadway, and she just brought such a fun element to the show, says Ulrich of the Gilmore Girls and Parenthood vet, who made her Broadway debut in a 2009 revival of the musical comedy Guys and Dolls; Graham plays Zoeys boss. So, we really didnt do any producer sessions over Zoom. It was really about getting Devi and her mother cast, as they are the heart of the story, says Greenstein. And then when I did it, you kind of jumped up in your chair. We had read her for The Handmaids Tale one season, and we had read her for an independent movie that was a really deep and layered character. The external is not whats important to him. The main cast may seem only six actors deep, but to the casting directors, the world was expansive. Legitimately dead? We had no idea that was the plan. ST: We hadnt discussed the idea in general, probably because of the previous relationship with Christina, and we didnt want to pull anybody out of it. AD: This wasnt your only nomination this year. 1 on iTunes Charts, Jussie Smollett finally appeals his conviction stemming from 2019 hate-crime hoax, Gayle King surprises Angela Bassett with her Whats Love Got to Do With It dress, Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow beg for help; We are coming, sheriff says, Hidden, illegal casinos are booming in L.A., with organized crime reaping big profits, Look up: The 32 most spectacular ceilings in Los Angeles, 19 cafes that make L.A. a world-class coffee destination, This fabled orchid breeder loves to chat just not about Trader Joes orchids, Daisy Jones & the Six review: Riley Keough fronts a rock soap opera, Sweetie Pies alum Tim Norman gets life sentence for planned execution of nephew, Fox News finally reveals its kryptonite: the bottom line, Unlike Andor, Mandalorian is going all in on Star Wars lore. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Sherry Thomas, Casting Director. All Rights Reserved. Sometimes the casting session is slammed, and you have several actors in the waiting room. And at that time, there were not vaccination mandates in place. Jonathans secretary. As long as the work doesnt suffer, why cant we also participate in the lives of our kids? ST: I think this year is so off kilter. Liz Feldman has a great knowledge of actors and comedic actors. We knew her, but I wouldnt say that a lot of people knew her, Greenstein adds. What she did to prepare for that role was incredible. Its just a wonderful place to be to be able to cast these amazing actresses from Frances Conroy to Katey Sagal to Valerie Mahaffey. He was the heart of the show the first season., Andrew is absolutely hilarious. And thats part of our job is to continue education. But Id love to work with her, so let me just say shed be my choice. In the case of Lawrence Gilliard, that role was. We didnt want someone who would be instantly recognizable to the world. Was that something you were both conscious of when originally casting him? Its not recent, but it is really funny. We thought wed cast an unknown. Shes just perfect. Casting just felt right for me. But in a series that tonally feels more like an independent feature, not just any teenagers would do. It has all come down to this, friends. She had to go to some places and the work was beautiful. Sherry Thomas (I) Casting Director Casting Department Producer IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Sherry Thomas was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. Lets try it. So youll see Breaking Bad is peppered with stand-up guys doing their first drama., Join the fiery discussion of Breaking Bad in our forums, Thomas added, But really what we just love to do is great material and hire really interesting actors. Even the actor didnt know until that episodes script rolled around. Sherry Thomas: I think it is a little bit of both. And also, it was shot in LA, in Los Angeles, so everything is large and on a big scale. How did you end up finding her for the role? And sometimes the sides are fake. ST: I mean I cant even Its ridiculous. Do you think you guys will rely on that still? Natalie [Morales] was someone [showrunner Liz Feldman] had in mind from the beginning, but she was working on a movie. This cast is definitely a combination of people who Luca knew hed have to shepherd along. Of Seamn, whose outwardly confident Caitlin struggles with gender identity, Cuba adds, But its funny, because we thought this going in, and then Jordan turned out to somehow be a savant and know how to do everything, even though shed had no experience., I have auditioned [Scott] over the years for various things. As a casting director, the joy is in discovering talent, says Ulrich. She even officiated when my husband and I were married. Speaking with Awards Daily, the 2020 Emmy nominees walked us through the challenges of the second season from chasing down Natalie Morales as the second seasons biggest addition to a number of high-profile cameos. We had lots of auditions. Backstage provides its members with the best tools to grow their careers in the performing arts. Thomas says, His agent called me: Oh my God, Vicky, we just learned who he was! and they screamed. But what the self-taping does is give so many more people opportunities because we can see 25 actors for a role. "I've known and worked with Sherry in different capacities over the past 7 years. Sherry Thomas: Yeah. Like with Colins office mates; they have like one line here and there and Jemaine said, I need them all back. You dont see loyalty like that a lot.. Having her name value in that role grounded the whole office., For Skylars role, we auditioned lots and lots of great people, says Ulrich of the co-worker character with romantic potential.

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